About Morph

“Morph” implies a radical change in a phased manner. This idea can be fully comprehended if we take Nature’s example, where a caterpillar in a cocoon pushes its boundaries and morphs into a specimen of beauty and art, i.e., the butterfly.

At ‘Morph Your Image’, we believe in ‘ Owning your Power’. Every individual has an inherent potential with which comes an inherent power to project the best. We function as coaches, guides and trainers to help the individual in achieving that .We offer consultation and training in:-

  • Personal Image
  • Communication Skills
  • Etiquette and Body Language
  • Corporate Communication
  • Leadership and Team development
  • Grooming(Hair, Beauty, Make up)
  • Wardrobe/clothing

In the present day, we are all aware of the power of the FIRST glance. Keeping in mind that the first impressions that we create can be educated and controlled, we offer our services in the following formats:-

  • One to one basis (personal consultations)
  • Corporate trainings
  • Seminars and Workshops( 2 hrs to 2 days)
  • Exclusive Grooming and consultation workshops